Friday, May 3, 2013

The Babble that is ME

I just have to post this. This is the current state of mind. Babbles and nothing more.
The Babble that is ME
So many ideas popping out of my head Even when I try to close my eyes Yes they come, they stay and bother Sleep is so elusive these days When can I have it please I say? Needless enough of words too much Babble is the thoughts I come fly by Little brain aching as migraine settles on me Walk off walk off away Tired are my eyes weary as the tree Summer is here to stay Sweaty and hot the bodies can be Why oh why is it just me? Leave me I dare say! So the babbles end today. Children asked Mama come and play Sorry kids my body is aching today Lying on the bed is heaven for me Yet why I feel so sorry for all of us you see?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A New Leash on Life

This blog has been practically dead, for a year, this used to be my baby and then when lots of hope and aspirations Boom! I just abandoned it. Like I always tell myself, I am too busy to post and also I know deep down inside that small voice is telling me, I am just not that inspired anymore, that old me is gone, that passionate side of me is forgotten. Then again, life goes on, I now maintain an online job, I still take care of the kids, though I know I am not that great as a mom, I am more into reading e-books now just getting back that old habit of reading is a great feeling in fact I have more than a hundred titles waiting for me and yeah did I mention it feels great? Just last week I attended a summit for online workers like me and it is good to meet people who have works like you, sharing experiences and ideas atop a mountain with the good old moon, it was a great relaxing experience. Also just yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend a meetup of all Cebuanas on the Web, it was a sponsored event and it was very enlightening, heartwarming, informative and it was once experience that I will never forget. You see, I am trying to get back on the track here, I am once again inspired to revive this blog, to make a change, not the whole world but with every little step in a very little way that I can. I hope to keep the fire burning, now that I am up and running again, I am now hoping to be more confident with my work, my passion, my being and I pray that whoever reads this, I have inspired you too to find what is your true passion in life, what truly makes you happy and continue to be an inspiration to others. In this life I continue to wander, to pursue my dreams until the end. That I can say yeah that was some WANDERING!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I wandered to Tingko Beach on my birthday

This beach is on my now its become a reality...i came here last October 1st with my daughter Gigi.
Next time i will be in Moalboal

Friday, June 8, 2012

My mind wandered off again last night...

I was so tired the whole day going back and to my mother's house and so after all the doing chores by 9pm i was ready to call it a night...yeah i dozed off for more than an hour and realized that the other side of the bed is empty, oh Z where did you go? Then, with nothing really much to do about him being gone so i took the playing cards out and played Solitaire for exactly an hour, i was always eyeing the clock...then finally Z came back and he said we should go to bed because tomorrow he's got work...i switched off the lights and yeah i hear him snore...good! I can close my eyes but i am very still wide awake...lots of thoughts going through my mind and im scared of the mouse that roams around our room when its dark already...time check is 2am, gosh my head is hurting already and my eyes is scratchy...this what i call wandering off at nights...its not that i'm suffering from insomia because i have no problem sleeping just this particular night when i dig deep into my mind and its like another set of brain is running inside my head taking over my usual brain...hehehehe! wierd right? But in all honesty my subconscious mind is my favorite one because i feel true to myself, more at peace, the clarity of thoughts are there...the truth of everything is revealed and i am more of a complete person...EVERYTHING IS VERY CLEAR..AS CLEAR AS GLASS. So, how do you exchange your brain? really? I want my subcon to run 24 hours non-stop, not just when i want it to, or when i'm in a very deep mood? Surely, i will try to figure it out, and for the record...this post is still a product of my subcon, my otherself.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


FOR a week now i have been exerting extra effort to tag along my 3 kids and taking them to near places like a jeepney ride going to the mall and spending the afternoon at the it feels like i am more excited playing all those fun games and throwing all the balls at the hoof.

We ate hotdogs and and ice creams..walking around, taking a look, window shopping, mama buy me that, mama buy me those....i said yeah, yeah when i have plenty of extra money, then they will be fine with that. My kids were really happy and laughing, and giggling, and screaming out of sheer delight...oh boy its very much better than staying at home and enduring the hot temperature without AC.

So, i when we went home, i said to them that if they promise to be good kids and behave i will always bring them to cool places...and what do i get? three hugs and i love yous from my what a reward.

Just yesterday we went to the pier area, we boarded a metro ferry going to Lapu-lapu City. When we arrived at the pier the line at the ticketing office was so long, we have to wait 30 minutes but then again we don't mind... the kids love the view of the sea and the big ships...pointing there, there, and there...not to mention all the questions you have to answer all of them..oh what curiosities!

When the ferry boat docked at MUELLE OSME√ĎA just below the BIRHEN SA REGLA church, we immediately went inside the church, there were so many churchgoers around, it is sunday so of course people will really swarm in...we sat for a while, lighted our candles, said our prayers.

The kids got hungry so we grabbed burgers and hotdogs and everybody is happy. Upon going home, we boarded again the metro ferry and the kids were again very excited, and you know what? their reactions are like energy booster to me and i love every moment of our adventure...can't wait to do it again and explore more next week!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Trip to Simala

IT was a bright Sunday morning of June 26, 2011 just a few days after Megan's third birthday. I had to get up 5:00 AM early for me right? hehehe...what can I say to that? the girl is just so so excited to go on this trip down south. With the other two kids already towed away to my in-laws then the morning preparations were smooth as cream...finally around 8:00 am we are already on board our precious bike.

We passed the lonely streets of Colon and Jones Ave., no traffic coz its Sunday, passing by Carbon Market, not too crowded either, and then to SRP, usually hubby drives a little speedier when its a very long trip and all I could do is make a sing of the cross...there i was tagging along in the ride for mostly 2 hours non-stop going to our destination.

I really like this trip particularly because Megan is already bigger, unlike the trips we had before, she can now enjoy the beauty of her surroundings, the mountains, the seashores, the cows, the goats, the carabaos..oh its a never ending shout of sheer delight and Im just happy to feel the breeze of fresh air touching my face and also the smell of the sea....gosh how i missed the outdoors and all those road trips.

By 11:00 am..we arrived at the gate of the Monastery and by then started to walk...all the way up to the Church. The Church itself has gotten bigger because the extension building is almost finished. The mass will start by 12:00 noon so we have an hour to stroll the whole Monastery, nothing much changed really except for the extension building...there are still many devotees and visitors from everywhere, we took our time posing for the pictures.

I have been visiting Simala for the past four years now and its usually after Megan's birthday, i cannot describe enough in words what i feel when i set foot on that mountain, despite the fatigue and the heat of the sun and long travel...when you get up there ...there is a sense of inner peace and happiness...I feel so blessed. Thank you Mama Mary for giving Megan into our lives. I will forever be grateful and will come back every year.