Friday, May 3, 2013

The Babble that is ME

I just have to post this. This is the current state of mind. Babbles and nothing more.
The Babble that is ME
So many ideas popping out of my head Even when I try to close my eyes Yes they come, they stay and bother Sleep is so elusive these days When can I have it please I say? Needless enough of words too much Babble is the thoughts I come fly by Little brain aching as migraine settles on me Walk off walk off away Tired are my eyes weary as the tree Summer is here to stay Sweaty and hot the bodies can be Why oh why is it just me? Leave me I dare say! So the babbles end today. Children asked Mama come and play Sorry kids my body is aching today Lying on the bed is heaven for me Yet why I feel so sorry for all of us you see?

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